Bon Appetea Dasma

Bon Appetea Dasma – located at San Agustin, Dasmariñas City – Cavite. Their specialty is in their beverages. They are the first in the area that has this Café. You will sure love their milktea, ice-blended frappes, fruit teas, for coffee lovers ice coffee blends. Bon Appetea in Dasmañas is owned by GMA Artist named Arny Ross. She is most notable as one of the Bubble Shakers and comedienne in the Friday comedy show, Bubble Gang.


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Manila International Auto Show 2017

Manila International Auto Show 2017 (MIAS) is titled: “Beyond Performance”.  MIAS is an annual car show of different car makers showcasing their car models of different categories and many more. This car show is also the biggest event gathered by car enthusiast and drivers held every summer. It is handled by Worldbex Services International or Worldbex in short and it is held at World Trade Center. This year’s MIAS is their thirteenth (13th) and happened last March 30-April 2, 2017.


I’ve only went to the 3rd day of the event – that was April 1. However, there are tons to see in this event. May be it brand new cars and their trump card units, trucks, customized cars, toy cars as they even have a racing of Remote Controlled Cars. At the front of the World Trade Center the Hyundai customized cars are there (Accent, EON). In further front, there is a test drive of Subaru and Ford cars.

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Fat Cousins Maginhawa

Fat Cousins – Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City. It is one of the gems in a form of a diner located in the famous Maginhawa Street in QC. The restaurant type is a steakhouse. They also have a branch in Marikina. The place is relaxing and the interior is eye candy and they also have an outdoor seating.


I was invited by some of my officemates to have a dinner on a Friday night. I asked them where and they said, some restaurant in Maginhawa. Then I agreed and we searched for a meal that will suit our craving and also suit our budget. There are so many place to choose from but some were already tried by my friends. Finally, we came at Fat Cousins.

All their meals are appetizing to my craving. Not only that it makes you satisfied and full, they serve affordable meals. If without their milkshakes, the amount that you will be paying is within 300 for 2. How affordable is that for an occasional treat! They also serve unlimited rice and drinks for all of their items in the menu except the 1/3 pound beef burger.


I ordered Salisbury Steak for my meal. Remember they are a rice-all-you-can restaurant. The picture below as you can see, the rice is so small like a one scoop of ice cream and if you ask for an extra, you will expect a small one like you first one but the funny thing about their rice-all-you-can here is that the extra rice is soooo EXTRA. BIG. The scoop is too large that it dominates your meal. If you tend to eat more viand than the rice and you ask for an extra, you have already no food to eat. Haha.

To go there via commute, if you’re from EDSA, you can ride a jeepney in East Avenue or Timog (near GMA) that has a signboard like “V Luna SSS LTO NSO”. You can tell that driver that you’ll be dropped at the Tricycle Terminal. The landmark there at the corner is Andy’s grill. The tricycle is colored yellow. If you’re from Commonwealth Avenue, just go to Philcoa then cross the footbridge and ride a tricycle nearby Ministop.
For car parkings, this place has plenty to park at night if you have a vehicle. It opens from 11 AM to 9 PM Mondays-Sundays.

Live with the King

Live with the King – Huawei Nexus 6P is considered the #KingOfAndroid because it is the best smartphone of 2015 and because the specs is so powerful than the other Nexus devices that they bow down to this entity in a phone. At first, I don’t know what is Nexus 6P and not so interested to join but when my friend that I met last week after 4 years is possessing it, I remembered that there is a blog contest for this and I’m so hyped up to post because I’ve seen it and held it personally.


Nexus 6P of my friend Zyrus

Here are my Top 5 Favorite Features of Huawei Nexus 6P:

Low-light loving, powerful camera

An actual picture from the King of Android shot at night

I’m a night person and I love the skyscraper lights and the fireworks too. It feels like standing in a timeless dream (it’s from a song). But really, that is the feeling that I experience when I see the night lights in a quiet night, the cool breeze that’s captivating, feels like floating and while hearing the song “I love you always forever” by Donna Lewis then feel the moment. I hope I got you in my realm. Haha. What I mean is when capturing memories, especially at night, I need a phone that captures the realm that I am feeling. The clear view in a nighttime of buildings and city lights is a bliss when you capture it clear and vivid. And with google photos, I can be nostalgic about the photos I have captured and find it easily.


Faster-than-ever performance

For a multi-tasker like myself, I’d like my phone to be fast enough that I don’t want to wait even a bit when switching apps. When you read in a browser then you suddenly want to take a picture, or you want to check your messages quickly while playing a heavyweight game like dungeon hunter 5, other phones, take time to do that. Powered with octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 v2.1 processor and 3gb RAM, you can open any app and loaded in the task switcher and transfer to another app is the best feeling to live with the King of Android.


Fast charging due to its USB Type C charging port

USB Type C port is a new type of android port that can be reversible with compatible cable as seen from above. For the on-the-go person like me, you need your battery energy in your phone always. Even with a presence of a power bank, if you use your phone non-stop or while in power bank charging, you feel the need of urgency of speedy recharging especially when travelling the whole day. In my current phone, if you want to use it non-stop for travel videos and photos, you must charge it 2 to three times a day. Even a strategic and economic using of a phone will lead to low battery and charging slower when there is another event within a day is troublesome. I want a fast charging phone that when I charge it for a while, I can cover and not missed some events and the quickest too.


Ergonomic fingerprint ID

Nexus 6P-

Huawei Nexus 6P’s fingerprint scanner is located at the back of the phone. It is similar to LG’s Rear power button and volume control. It is a hassle that you must hold phones with fingerprint ID in front with another hand then you use your index finger to unlock it. Yes, you can use your thumb for fingerprint but sometimes it fails because of reaching problem. You must lower your hand to reach the fingerprint sensor area. Nexus 6P’s fingerprint ID is designed for you index finger to touch it effortlessly and ergonomically without lowering hand positions just to unlock the device. Just touch it, and boom! it is unlocked. Much more when you plank the phone, when you pick it, just tap the scanner and go!


The best of Google in the palm of your hand (Search, Maps, Play, YouTube, GMail, etc.)

Nexus 6P

All the google apps are already installed with Nexus 6P. Even it’s the first time you use or open the phone after unboxing, you can stream subscribed videos and the videos you want in YouTube already. View your current location and look for places to go with Google Maps. Check your emails on-the-go by using GMail. Quick search an idea with Google Search. And with Nexus 6P’s wifi combo antenna,  you can never be lost with its strong connection so the browsing, streaming and playing are non-stop. I have a Nexus 7 tablet and the feeling of having a direct and first of everything in terms of updates in an android device is great. You will receive early upgrade of Android version and google apps from android then the update will follow to any non-Nexus device.


Actually I want to add another feature of Nexus 6P but I think this is enough for #KingOfAndroid because it is a standout. If you look for Nexus 6P online, you can see its specs and may decide if you want to buy it. But to have an actual experience with the actual device, the feeling is different. In my case,  I have a friend that owns it and asked the features of the device. I have been a fan of Nexus because it is google direct brand kind of devices with partnership with companies who creates mobile smartphone/tablets. And I’m planning to upgrade my current smartphone to another but I was undecided which phone to get but now I think I found the one and that is to Live with the King.



BAGA Manila Molino

Barbecuers And Grillers Association also known as BAGA Manila Molino is an extended place place in Cavite and their treat – Grilled Foods. Now there is a place to have a feast from the south especially from the ones in Cavite. They started in Makati but Transferred to Lakefront Area, Sucat, Parañaque and also expanded to another location in Filinvest, Alabang and now, a BAGA Manila that is located in Daang Hari Road at the parking area of Starmal Prima, Molino, Bacoor City is another place and mostly for the Caviteños living near the area can enjoy different, mouth-watering-i’m-gonna-eat-here foods for a reasonable price. This is open on Thursdays to Sundays 5:00 pm to 1:00 am.


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Ascend Auto Show – SM Molino

Ascend Auto Show was held last October 10, 2015 from 10 am to 11 pm at SM Molino’s Roofdeck Parking. Car clubs are always there to showcase their custom-modified cars whether it is a Sedan, Hatchback, Multi-purpose Vehicles (MPV’s) or Trucks (Pickups). And if won in the categories, they will get awarded. There are also car girls and live bands. To those who didn’t knew, SM Molino is one of the shopping malls in Cavite located in Molino Paliparan Rd, Molino 4, Bacoor City (Cavite).



I’ve only came to only 2 car shows in my entire life up to this time. First was the carshow held in De La Salle University – Dasmariñas last 2010. And now this one. At first, I didn’t know that there’s a car show going on at SM Molino. I went on the hospital located near due to friend’s recovery. My companion who also went there just wanted to go because the mall is now renovated and their parking expanded.

Here are the pictures of the cars We’ve seen at the event:









There also car sound setups demo:

I didn’t finished the event because I have some study to do in home. That’s why it was only this much. Well then, the event was enjoyable!


Paper Jams Band Debut Performance

Do you remember what I said about playing the 2 songs of Up Dharma Down? As a part of me being on-the-go, playing a musical instrument in a band is also what I have been doing. Practicing after office hours in prior to our performance. In our company there is a club for people who want to be in a band, getting performance assignments inside the company, but we are formed with other musicians and singers. This performance is our first ever live performance with so many people around us. Although this is performed inside the office and the feeling of tenseness on live, we give our maximum capability to deliver and to play songs that people will hear. Our band name is called Paper Jams. Here it is. This was last September 2015:


Hope you like it!

Up Dharma Down at Solenad 3

Solenad 3 is a new wing mall of the Ayala Malls Solenad in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna. Now open since August 6 and they have a parklike outdoor with walkways and bike lanes (nature + boutiques + restaurants) mall that environmentally relaxes you. Also, the have an Activity Park that can hold events. It also includes bands. And speaking of bands, as their debut performance in the place and Solenad 3’s first band to perform there, I was excited and went there last August 8.


As for the on the go person – yours truly, this is my first time watching Up Dharma Down live and for free! If you think that their song are so great already in their albums, think again. It’s more amazing when they played live in front of you. If you don’t know the band Up Dharma Down, they are Filipino band since 2004 and their style is pop rock. They are: Ean Mayor on Drums, Paul Yap on bass, Carlos Tañada on Guitars and the amazing Armi Millare on keyboards and vocals.


They played the song “Feeling” first. We (audience) are in shock because they played “Tadhana” right after the first song. Their lead guitarist Carlos Tañada told us that in their one gig somewhere in Laguna, after they played “Tadhana”, the audiences already departed the venue. Below was their playlist that night in order:
Turn It Well
All the good things***
Sana (Extended Version)**
The albums of the respective songs is connected in this legend:
*Fragmented (2006)
**Bipolar (2008)
Capacities (with no asterisks) (2012)
*** New/Latest Song
Their hit “Oo” is a popular song now but did you know that the song is 8 years old already and in their first album “Fragmented”? The song’s effect is a legacy. To be much more entertained and in awe of this song, here’s a video I have recorded to please you:

Another reason why I went to watch (UDD) Up Dharma Down is because in our office, we have a band and we will play 2 of their songs (Tadhana and Oo) You’ll see our songs soon enough.
Please follow their instagram, twitter and also their website: Up Dharma Down Twitter Page, Up Dharma Down Instagram Link and Up Dharma Down Site

MSI Gamers Gathering


MSI Gamers Gathering is an event hosted by MSI Philippines for the PC gamers, PC Enthusiasts and PC Modders for latest trend about the gaming hardware like video cards and its features with prizes included. And of course, it’s more focused on MSI hardwares.

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Balai sa San Juan


Balai sa San Juan is located at Brgy. Abung, San Juan Batangas near Laiya. The newest resort and the sibling of Balai Anilao. This beach resort is filled with outdoor activities and camp for companies. They have enough parking for 15 buses and 40 cars.The place is good for group bonding because they allow bonfire and camping. By the way, sorry for the super late follow-up blog. This is our department’s out-of-town trip for last summer. We picked a place that’s not that expensive at the same time, enjoy each other’s company.

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